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10 Must Take Pictures at a Kid’s Birthday Party

10 Must Take Pictures at a Kid’s Birthday Party
21 Jan 2015

When I look back at my childhood and when I browse through the snapped at my own kids’ birthday parties, I usually realize that a couple key moments have been missed. Weeks after my kids’ parties, I try to get the good into some sort of photo album, scrapbook, or collage of . It helps if I think of the pictures as chapters of a book. With this in mind I have compiled a list for you of key moments to photograph so that you can plan ahead of your child’s party with this checklist.

1. Welcome

Take pictures of the balloons tied to the lamppost outside your house or the greeting area at your party location. A lot of parties at play gyms will have a decorated whiteboard with “Happy Birthday NAME”. This signifies the beginning of the party. Think of it as the first chapter of your memory book.

2. Dessert Table

Great care was taken to make the dessert table look beautiful so snap your pictures before the chaos begins. I suggest doing this at the very beginning of the party because you know once someone sneaks a couple of cookies, the table just won’t look as good.

3. Gift Area

As the birthday child gets older, it’s a nice memory to have a picture of a table full of gifts and know that they were all for you. I don’t mean this in a super materialistic way – it’s just nice to get a warm and fuzzy feeling upon seeing this. Plus once you get a lot older, people do not receive nearly as many (if any!) presents as they did as a child.

4. Party Games/Activities

Capture several shots including various groups of kids and family. Be sure to take some natural pictures of the party guests just having fun and enjoying the games and entertainment. These pictures are actually better taken when the guests aren’t looking and aren’t posing. Sometimes the activities define what the party is remembered by years later so snap these photos for sure.

5. Blowing out the Candles

A posed picture with family standing behind the birthday boy/girl blowing out the candles. This is the classic birthday party memory so don’t forget this one. You want the birthday kid to look back on these pictures in 20 years and say “Yes, that was the big wish that came true!”

6. Decorations

To further memorialize the festive party, snap pics of all the décor and balloons. This is especially worthwhile if you have a themed party or consistent color scheme.

7. Group Picture

Of course, you want to remember as many of your guests as possible so you will want to take a couple pictures of the group of kids. I have seen hosts encourage silly pictures by asking the kids to make the scariest face possible or having all the kids point to the birthday boy/girl. Don’t fret if you cannot get everyone looking at the camera because this is pretty much impossible to do with kids.

8. Birthday

Yes, in this modern day and age, you must hand the camera or cell phone to your child and let him/her go nuts and take a couple selfies, both alone and with their friends. Selfie-taking is like a game to kids and frequently the end results can be hilarious. Don’t be afraid to let go of the ropes for a short moment.

9. Goodie Bags

Have someone stand by the door and take pictures of the hosts handing out the goodie bags. Be sure to capture the excited expressions of the children as they realize what goodies are inside the bag.

10. Mess after the Party

I like to take pictures of the giant mess before it is cleaned up. The more confetti on the floor, cups and empty plates on the tables, crumpled party hats, the better – this is how you know the party was a success!





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