5 Ways To Say Thank You For Celebrating With Me

5 Ways To Say Thank You For Celebrating With Me
25 Nov 2014

With coming up, I am reminded of how important it is to let your birthday party guests know how much they are appreciated. So to help you say “Thanks!” I compiled a list of 5 ways:
1. Traditional : A handwritten thank you note for each guest, delivered a couple days after the party, is always appropriate. I like to personalize my notes by mentioning something fun, unique or special about the gift that the guest gave.
2. Thank You Note In Each Goody Bag: A good time-saving tip is to include ahead of time a general handwritten note in each goody bag. Yes, this is less personal because you can’t comment on any gift given however this is also acceptable and effective. It also saves you the hassle of sorting out the gift bags that may have gotten mixed up in the car on the way home from the party and trying to remember who gave what.
3. Video of Birthday Kid Opening Each Gift: I once received an email with a link to a video of the birthday child opening all the gifts with a special note and the time stamp that I could find my gift being opened. I really enjoyed seeing the birthday boy’s expression and hearing his fascination upon opening the box with a light up train inside. An actual video really made the Thank You a bit more magical.
4. Picture Card: Just as you would send out physical party invitations with a picture of the birthday child, you can also do the same with a custom thank you card using a cute picture from the party. Print the card with a generic message and then you can always handwrite a personal note on the back with a Sharpie if you choose.
5. Inscribed Party Favor: The thank you can be embedded on the party favor. For example if your party theme is a cooking party where each guest made some culinary creation, the favor may be a customized apron for each guest with sewn on script of “Thank You for celebrating Jenna’s 10th birthday!”
Whatever way you choose, it is important to let your guests know that you appreciate that they took the time to celebrate your special day with you. If time, money or energy runs out, don’t fret – a simple phone call to say ‘Thanks’ may be the most impactful way of all to express your gratitude!





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