Back To School Birthdays

Back To School Birthdays
12 Aug 2015

Now that schools are starting back up, I am starting to think about my twins fast approaching Fall birthday. Then it got me thinking, if I am already stressing about my kids’ birthday, what do parents do when their child’s birthday falls right when school starts?!
Not to worry – I pulled together a couple ideas for those with Birthdays.

Invite the whole class

Since your child will not have time to form new friendships and may not have seen his/her friends from last school year in 2 months, it may be best to invite the entire new class to the birthday party. The party will also be a good ice breaker for the kids to get to know each other better. In fact a lot of schools have policies about inviting the whole class so as to not leave anyone out.

Choose a small destination birthday

Instead of worrying about who to invite to the birthday party, make a day trip to an amusement park or sporting event with a handful of close friends or family members. The birthday child will feel extra special because the whole day is really all about them.

Bring cupcakes and goody bags for the class

If it is within your school’s rules, celebrate your child’s birthday in the classroom. Bring cupcakes or cookies for the class and provide a small goody bag of school supplies for each child. Usually at the beginning of the school year, teachers post a list of needed school supplies so think of this as your contribution to the school supply effort. Be sure to check with the teacher on what supplies are required and also consider possible food allergies.

Back To School Birthdays may seem stressful to plan, but instead embrace the opportunity to combine your child’s birthday with another important milestone of the start of school. Think of it as your chance to help the kids get acquainted, get excited about learning, and start the school year off right with a couple school supplies.





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