Bad Moms Movie, Just What I Needed

Bad Moms Movie, Just What I Needed
31 Jul 2016

The Bad Moms movie came out Thursday night, July 29th, and I had to see it the first night. Like many Moms, I had a rough week – kids waking up at 2AM the past couple nights for all kinds of random reasons, work is stressful, never enough time to stay on top of my chores…I had seen a couple trailers a while back and I could not wait to see this movie!

This movie rocked – let me tell you why.

1. The Bad Mom Feeling is Real

This movie felt authentic because it perfectly captured the Bad Mom feelings that most of us harbor. Your kids are always telling you they hate you or that you are a bad mom because you are not like Sarah’s mom. Not a week goes by without you failing to complete one of your hundred responsibilities. And yes, it doesn’t matter that you did the other 99 tasks perfectly.

2. ‘Bad Moms’ are the Majority

In my experience, most of my Mom friends feel the Bad Mom struggle every day. I know only one or two Moms that probably feel they are perfect and are actually Good Moms. The reason this movie is successful is that so many Moms can relate to various aspects of the Moms.

3. Humor Cures All

This movie was FUNNY as heck! I have not laughed this hard in a long time!

Some of the things done in this movie seem outrageous at first but then you realize “oh crap, I have done that!” or you could at least see yourself falling into that scenario.

4. Every Family is Different

This movie had it all – the single mom, the working mom, the stay at home mom etc. Each family had some odd situation or family routine that made you laugh but at the same time you realize that there is no ‘normal’ family. Every family is different with unique problems and their own way of doing things.

5. Mom Club Camaraderie Feels Good

You may walk into this movie, feeling frustrated, exhausted and isolated but you walk out feeling great. You feel like you are part of a larger group that shares common problems and you care about each other. You laughed hard and you feel loved again.

Being a “Bad Mom” never felt so good. This movie was exactly what I needed to reset my buttons. I loved the movie and you will too!





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