Better Than Goody Bags Its Goody Balls

Better Than Goody Bags Its Goody Balls
19 Sep 2017

Getting ready for my twins’ Superhero themed 8th birthday and I couldn’t decide on what to do for the . With several birthday parties now under my belt, I had already done favor bags and plastic cups filled with trinkets. I walked into Party City and there it was!

Rounder than a goody bag! Shinier than a goody cup! GOODY BALLS!

These Goody Balls are great – something unique and fun that I hadn’t done before! I decided to fill the Super Goody Balls with superhero themed items that I bought on Amazon and Party City – markers, crayons, dog tags, erasers, bouncy balls, squishy bean bag balls, stampers and super hero sayings stickers. My kids (of coursed dressed in Batman and Wonder Woman pajamas) had a great time helping to put together the Goody Balls. We stuck a superhero saying sticker on the Goody Balls to cover the price tag sticker rather than remove them.

Yeah Goody Balls! One thing checked off my Party Planning To Do List!





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