Big Hero 6 – The Next Big Birthday Party Theme?

Big Hero 6 – The Next Big Birthday Party Theme?
15 Nov 2014

My twins saw ’s BIG 6 movie this past weekend and as I felt the excitement in the theater I couldn’t help but wonder if this is going to be the next big birthday party theme (dare I say Frozen)?
The story is an action-packed comedy adventure about a robotics prodigy Hamada, who finds himself in the middle of danger that is threatening to destroy the pretend city of San Fransokyo. joins forces with his close friends and a loveable, inflatable robot named , on a mission to save their city.
I loved this movie and there are several reasons why I WANT and think this will become the next big birthday party theme!
1. Boys are craving a hero movie that is as good as Frozen but without the princesses: Although this movie definitely appeals to girls (which I will touch on in the next items), boys really love all the pure action, the robotics, superheroes, and the focus on the male main character.
2. The movie makes STEM cool: STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The movie includes concepts of robotics, computers, and space. The pretend city of “SanFransokyo”, a combination of San Francisco and Tokyo, is the perfect idea with its futuristic look. The fact that girl characters are so involved and equally enjoy the robotics and technology, is even more awesome. The film’s creators even found a way to endear viewers to the cuddly, compassionate and loveable robot, Baymax.
3. The heroes are a diverse group of characters: Hiro Hamada, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, Fred, and GoGo Tomago are male and female, of multicultural backgrounds, possessing different strengths and weaknesses, and all with different personalities. I like that all the heroes look physically unique from each other with various shades of hair, eyes, skin, and clothing. Hiro, himself, appears to be mixed. Hiro’s caregiver Aunt owns a café which Hiro lives above. Then there is Fred, the skateboarder, who the friends joked that they thought he lived under a bridge, but turns out he lives in his parent’s giant mansion with a butler. The eclectic mix ensures that every kid can find someone and some trait that they can relate to.
4. The movie brings back an old comic book hero and touch of Japanese anime: It is refreshing to see a new movie about a superhero other than Superman and Batman. Anime has its own cult following and it is cool to see the essence of anime infused into the forefront of this movie.
Big Hero 6 blends the perfect mix of superhero, action, comedy, tragedy, animation, and family! I hope to see lots of Big Hero 6 and Baymax themed birthday parties!

What is coming up for Parties:
1. Build your own marshmallow Baymax – using marshmallows and square/circle shaped candies, kids can create their own special Baymax (sound familiar? Do you want to build a Snowman?)
2. Robot making craft activities – gather up all your pipe-cleaners, felt, toilet paper rolls, washers, and pompoms to craft the perfect robot.
3. Baymax Cupcakes – serve up the loveable inflatable robot cupcakes using a recipe from







As a working mom of twins, I look out for activities that are easy, quick and budget friendly with a creative flare. Likes to eat the frosting first!