Birthday Party Dilemma: No Siblings

Birthday Party Dilemma: No Siblings
10 Apr 2015

The Dilemma

Planning a 6 yo birthday party is not always easy. My friend decided to have the party at her house and invite the entire Kindergarten class, thinking it was proper party etiquette. However my friend’s daughter also had some other friends outside the school, making the guest list grow a bit larger than desired. To keep the headcount and costs down, my friend wrote “No Siblings Please” on the invite. Here is a response which caused some anxiety for my friend:

Question: I saw that your invite said 'No Siblings', my husband is out of town for the weekend, would it be ok If I drop off my daughter at the party?

Mom of 4 - Single on the weekend of the party

The Solution

My friend’s first reaction was one of annoyance – she was surprised that a mom that she didn’t know too well would ask her to watch her child, knowing full well that my friend is going to be running around like crazy trying to host the party. My friend’s immediate thought was to respond and say No Dropoffs. But wanting to keep up the cordial relationship (in case a future playdate was in the cards), my friend did not want to offend the mom.

My friend and I discussed the situation that the mom was in – she had 4 young kids, her husband was out of town and presumably she had no babysitter to watch the other 3 kids if she took the 1 daughter to the party.

Understanding the mom’s situation, we had to come up with some suggestions for the mom. My friend wrote back and politely said that she wasn’t sure she could safely watch the mom’s daughter and host the party. My friend suggested that she contact some of the other guest’s moms and ask if one of them could watch her daughter.

The Reaction

The mom with the dilemma was actually thankful that my friend was ok with dropoff, as long as she found another parent to watch her daughter. The mom hadn’t thought of this great suggestion and even thanked my friend for providing some names of other girls that were coming to the party so she could contact their parents.

The Party

TBD – hopefully all goes smoothly and everyone is happy!





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