Bottle Flipping, The Newest Party Game

Bottle Flipping, The Newest Party Game
02 Oct 2016

This weekend I went to a 7 year old’s birthday pool party. The kids had a blast swimming and playing with nerf shooters and various water toys. After a while I saw a group of kids, mine included, hovering behind some planters looking downward. My mind started wondering, fearing the worst. Are they trying to kill bugs or playing with a dead mouse?! I saw my son go grab a water bottle and run back behind the planters. I saw the water bottle flung through the air but I assumed my son had clumsily dropped it. When I got home my friend posted an article from the Boston Globe on social media. OMG! ! This was a thing! My kids were doing this in the kitchen a couple weeks ago but I didn’t know it was a Thing.
After doing some research, I have learned that bottle flipping started being a recognized thing after Michael Senatore broke the Internet with a simple but masterful bottle flip at his high school talent show in May.

Senior Talent Show Water Bottle Flip

Since then kids everywhere have been trying out spins and variations of the traditional bottle flip. There are YouTube videos and vines everywhere (yes it’s true, google it!)
Kids are trying to flip the bottle, landing perfectly upright or even on it’s cap (“capping”) at playgrounds, dinner tables and backyards everywhere. And now it seems to be well on its way to being the next favorite !

Look out Pin the Tail on the Donkey!





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