Classic Children’s Birthday Party Games with a Modern Twist

Classic Children’s Birthday Party Games with a Modern Twist
15 Mar 2015

Do you remember the games you played at birthday parties as a child? They are still as much fun for kids as they always were. You can put a modern and personal spin on these games to make them memorable and new each year.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Personalize this game for your child’s party by letting them choose their favorite animal or character as the object to be pinned. If you can’t draw or don’t have time to make this game, buy a large poster and use stickers as the “pin”.

Egg Spoon Race

Hard-boiled eggs and soup spoons are the only supplies needed for this classic relay race game. Tangerines, small bean bags, or any small item that fits in a large spoon could be used in place of the eggs, too.

Water Balloon Toss

A perfect outdoor game for a summer birthday, picnic, or pool party. Pair up everyone and give each set of partners a water balloon. Players toss the water balloon to one another and after every toss each player takes a small step back. The winners are the pair to step the farthest away from one another without dropping the balloon. You can play this game indoors with bean bags or small stuffed animals.





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