Counting Candles on Discover Bank

Counting Candles on Discover Bank
29 Dec 2017

1. Start with the right venue

Helen Holden says if you’re booking a kid-friendly venue, stick with the most basic package that covers food and drinks for each child. She cautions against paying for extras (which can seem very enticing), like premium packages that include decorations, party favors, goody bags, balloons or ice cream.
“This is where the costs can add up, and it’s generally not necessary,” Holden says. Goody bags, party favors and ice cream are nice to have, but if kids are running around and enjoying the venue itself, they may not really notice these add-ons.

3. Go with low-key fun and skip the fancy invitations

Holden recommends asking friends and family to pitch in and help with activities like face painting, temporary tattoos, setting up a scavenger hunt or judging a bubble-blowing competition. Need to buy game supplies on the cheap? Check out your local dollar store’s offerings to help with your budget-friendly birthday parties for kids.

4. Decorate for less

Holden suggests checking Pinterest for low-budget decorating ideas. From there, you can test your bargain-hunting skills. She tries to pick the birthday party theme well in advance to give herself plenty of time to find deals.

How to Make Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget a Piece of Cake - Bank, December 28, 2017





As a working mom of twins, I look out for activities that are easy, quick and budget friendly with a creative flare. Likes to eat the frosting first!