Counting Candles on Mamapedia

Counting Candles on Mamapedia
14 May 2017


``For food, anything shaped like planets, aliens, spaceships, the moon, sun, astronauts and stars will work,” said Holden. “You can also make cake pops that look like planets, and label bowls of food as moon rocks, meteorites, flying saucers, moon sand, and UFOs.”


“At the start of the party, give the kids white lab coats (try painting smocks from the local crafts store), plastic disposable gloves, and safety goggles,” Holden suggested. “I like neon and florescent colors for decorations because of the likeness to mad scientist potions and radioactive chemicals, and you can also place cutouts of the items from the Periodic Table and made-up element around the room. Use a poster board as the welcome sign, and list the child’s made-up periodic element and a description of the child with scientific language thrown in, such as ‘reacts well to pink, explosive fun.’”

5 Seriously Cool Kids Party Themes - Wendy Rose Gould of , May 7, 2017





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