Counting Candles!

Counting Candles!
10 Oct 2014

Happy 5th to my !
Each year that passes I am amazed at the changes and how awesome it is to see things through my childrens’ eyes.
On my kids’ birthday I like to reflect on what I have learned from my twins.
This year, I have a new appreciation of the following:
1. OMG – Yes, Oh My Goodness! Sometimes, that is the only warranted response for the things my twins do. I am sure if you have ever watched children play from a distance you can relate to this thought.
2. LOL – I do find myself acting like a crazy person and Laughing Out Loud! I should add LOLA – Laughing Out Loud Alone. After the kids are in bed, while alone in my room, I frequently remember something that happened with my twins earlier in the day and then I just start laughing to myself.
3. SALTS – This one you may not be all that familiar with but it stands for Smiled A Little, Then Stopped. This is an offshoot of item #2 where you start laughing but then realize wow, it is not funny at all. Last week I was carrying a large bowl of spaghetti with bright red sauce to my daughter sitting at the kitchen table. I tripped on some air and the entire bowl and its contents went flying – all over the floor, the legs of the chairs and table, and it even managed to find its way onto the bottom of the window curtain. My kids laughed hysterically and so did I UNTIL I realized what a royal mess I had made and that it was going to take forever to clean up!
4. WTF – What The F***! No explanation needed.
5. YOLO – You Only Live Once! My twins have taught me the importance of living every moment to the fullest and they are the continuing inspiration behind

SO HBD to my amazing twins! You know how to make every candle count!
* Love Mommy XOXO *





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