Donut Birthday Cakes Are The Best

Donut Birthday Cakes Are The Best
26 Mar 2016

My coworkers created a masterful birthday cake of donuts for a guy at the office and it was a huge hit. In fact, everyone loved the idea so much that I think people were afraid to take a donut for fear of messing up the spectacular tower. I thought more about it and here’s why donut birthday cakes are so awesome:

Unexpected and Unique

People don’t see donut birthday cakes very often so when they do, they get excited! Donuts are something different and signify fun.

Easy, Quick and Not So Expensive

In today’s busy world, sometimes you don’t want to spend the time nor money to either bake an elaborate cake yourself or purchase a custom cake at the bakery. Picking up donuts is quick and requires no notice. There is no baking (unless you really want to add several hours to your prep time) and donuts cost alot less than a cake.

Sprinkles Are Fun

Sprinkles on donuts are colorful and fun. The variety in sprinkle colors and frosting makes the birthday tower pop with splashes of color and ensures that each guest can find a donut they like.

Birthday Bunting and Candles Dress It Up

It is simple to give a a hint of elegance with a DIY banner across the donuts. All you need are 2 straws as the posts, a string and plastic or paper triangles. Glamour can also be gleaned through the use of fancy birthday candles.

Cleanup is a Breeze

The best part is the cleanup. There are no cake crumbs and half eaten cake slices to deal with. If you have extra donuts, either give them to the guests to take home or simply put them back in a donut box to eat later on.






As a working mom of twins, I look out for activities that are easy, quick and budget friendly with a creative flare. Likes to eat the frosting first!