Embrace the Macaron Trend

Embrace the Macaron Trend
17 Jan 2016

My friend’s daughter will soon be celebrating her 7th birthday and my friend says that her daughter has become obsessed with macarons. I was curious – I have heard of the whoopie pie looking cookies but really didn’t know alot about them. At the mall, my friend and I happened to walk into a Velvet Cupcakes store. As the store has ‘cupcakes’ in the name, I was surprised to see that the main display was not for cupcakes. The popular item was a , a French pastry, not to be confused in name with the coconut laced macaroons.

Macarons are French sweet meringue-based pastries made with egg whites, sugar, almond, and food coloring. Two cookies make a mini sandwhich filled with ganache or buttercream. The macarons usually come in pastel colors and are filled with almost every flavor you can think of.

These macarons became very popular in 2014 and they were deemed the “new cupcake”. The food trend is so popular now that macarons have inspired a macaron hair trend. Don’t be surprised if your 2015 Frozen Elsa braids are replaced by these new macaron hair colored braids!

My friend decided the macaron tower would be perfect for her daughter’s birthday party, as a unique and cool alternative to serving cake. The macarons are much less messy than cake to serve and the small portions make it easy for a kid to try a bite. Macarons can also be incorporated around or on top of birthday cakes or packaged as elegant party favors.

So embrace this new party trend because macarons are not only delicious and look great – they are clearly here to stay!





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