Gingerbread House Making or Breaking

Gingerbread House Making or Breaking
20 Dec 2015

The kids made gingerbread houses this weekend and had a blast. We used the boxed sets of pre-made walls that the kids got to “glue” together with icing. The kids then decorated the houses as they wished. We didn’t force the kids to try to duplicate exactly the version on the box – instead we told them here is an example but use your creativity and make whatever design you choose. So far so good.

While the girls were still putting the finishing touches and details on their gingerbread houses, my son lost interest. He likes to finish first and it took him only a very short while to build and decorate his house. Next thing I know, his house is coming down! After a big bite off the corner, the walls collapsed into a pile of gingerbread walls.

A new twist on the traditional making!

Making and breaking – the kids had a great time!





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