Happy Thanksgiving Birthday, Turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving Birthday, Turkey!
22 Nov 2014

Some birthdays fall on or around a major . My brother’s birthday happens to fall near . This means that his birthday gets mixed in with everyone being thankful for not only him (as he kindly reminds me each year), but also for all the other good things in our lives. However this year is different as my brother will be turning the big 4-0! Robbie Robbie Rotten Foot (yes, we called him that as a kid – I have no idea why) is really all grown up now, with a new baby this year and lots of memory making to look forward to. This I count my blessings, but I will also reflect on what makes my brother so special. I am thankful to my brother and his ‘live for the moment’ outlook on life. His stupid jokes and youthful acts keep me laughing even when I don’t want to. At the same time his presence brings a sense of comfort and security that only a sibling can understand.

In honor of Thanksgiving, turkeys (and/or my brother) we created some fun DIY turkeys. First we crafted simple turkeys from harvest colored foam and paper cutouts.
The next turkeys we created were edible, made of winter Oreo cookie (with red creme inside) and candy corn, using skittles and mini chocolate chips for the eyes. We placed a birthday candle using a hollowed out pumpkin shaped candy corn. What easy Thanksgiving activities to keep the kids busy during the holiday!
Oreo Cookie and Candy Corn Turkeys
Happy Thanksgiving to All of You! Count your Blessings and Count your Candles!
To my brother Robert, Happy 40th Birthday, you Big ! xoxo





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