Hilarious Review of Birthday Party List with Unique Names

17 Jun 2016

Sometimes the hardest part of kids birthday party planning can be compiling the . Your kids may know how to say the name of their friends but then when you try to spell them, you butcher it horribly. Or conversely, you may have the written list of kids in the class, and you don’t even know how to pronounce the name. Maybe, the unique spelling of the name makes you second guess yourself and assume there is a typo.

I can understand this modern day dilemma completely. I have to admit when I named my twins I wanted unique names too. I named my son with a fairly common name but then chose to completely mess with the spelling. It worked because now at camp and school when the teacher hears my son’s name and writes it on the board, it is almost always spelled wrong (as in the popular spelling). On the other hand, I gave my daughter a made-up name which was a variation of a more common name. It is always not only misspelled but also mispronounced.

With the increase in popularity of unique baby namings, the problem is real, folks! In this video the BreakWomb reviews the list of uniquely-named children invited to Valerie’s birthday party and it’s flat out hilarious.

Take a listen for yourself – this is awesome!





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