How To Tackle Birthday Burnout

How To Tackle Birthday Burnout
06 Oct 2015

Is your child’s birthday coming up and you are just too exhausted by all your other priorities to properly plan a birthday party? I feel your pain with my twins’ birthday rapidly approaching. As a fulltime working mom, it is hard to juggle all the daily and weekly routines and then throw in the thought of adding the extra time to plan a party, shop for the party supplies, send invites and so forth. It can cause serious birthday burn out before you have even set the date of the party. So here are a couple suggestions to ease your anxiety:

Family Celebration

Skip the party with all your child’s classmates and friends and do a smaller celebration with only family. Sometimes an intimate gathering that lasts all day is much more fun than a jam packed 2 hour party.

Trip to Amusement Park

Invite 2 or 3 of your child’s closest friends and drive to the local amusement park for a day of fun. This will cost a lot more per person but with only a few kids your total amount spent will still be less than a big party.

Family Meal and a Special Gift

Take your child out to his or her favorite restaurant for a birthday meal, followed by receipt of an expensive gift that the child has been longing for. Save the money from a traditional party for the big gift – maybe an iPad stocked with lots of free kid apps.

Joint Birthday Party

If your child’s classmate has a birthday around the same time, ask the parents if they want to split the work and cost of a joint birthday party. Not only will you have more fun during the planning, you will be more relaxed and you get to split the costs and time involved.

Store-Bought Is Not A Bad Word

Yes, all the Pinterest-perfect decorations, cakes and goody bags are nice to have but if you have birthday burn out then go for store-bought! Stock up on your decorations from Target and grab goody bag supplies from the dollar bins. Don’t have the money to spend on a bakery cake or the time to spend making your own cake? Local chain supermarkets actually have great selections of both cakes and cupcakes and the cost is much less not to mention you can give very little notice for your order. Tie your decor together by one or two color themes to enhance the elegant factor.

BYO, Pot Luck and Help Me Out

Get as many others involved in the party planning as possible and take the bulk of the work off you. Hold the party at the park and ask friends and family to each bring a dish, decoration, kids game etc. Your part of the planning will consist of breaking down what is needed into small manageable tasks for each guest/helper to complete.

All Inclusive Party Package

If you feel the pressure to throw a traditional birthday party with all your child’s friends and classmates, then yes plan ahead and save up to in order to spend a bit more money for an all inclusive party package at the local play space. There has been much in the media lately about the rising amount of money spent on kids birthday parties, leading to a negative perception. My advice is to go ahead and spend the money as long as it is within your financial means and the time and headache saved outweighs the costs. Just make sure to do your homework and find a venue that includes the most (goody bags, pizza, cupcakes, decorations) for a reasonable price and a minimum number of children. The costs increase exponentially when you have to add lots of extras and pay a fee per head over the included headcount.

What have you done to save time, money, effort and your mind from burnout?





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