Keep Cool This Summer With A FroYo Party

Keep Cool This Summer With A FroYo Party
23 Jun 2016

Summer has finally arrived, the kids are out of school and it is HOT! I don’t know about you, but this heat wave in SoCal is intense, even by heat wave standards. Growing up with a summer birthday, I always got bummed when some kids couldn’t make my party because they were away on vacation. This is the one downside of summer birthdays, but there are also plenty of upsides. The weather is nice and hot, making outdoor parties or pool parties more an option but at the same time you still have the indoor venue options as well.
Recently my kids attended a birthday party at Menchie’s, a store in Los Angeles. When I first got the invite, I was a bit skeptical as I wondered what could the kids do besides make a cup of . To my surprise, the party was much more than I imagined!

When the kids arrived, there was a small area of the store that was reserved just for the birthday party. Luckily there were no more than 10 kids and we fit perfectly in this glass alcove. The kids started off with Menchie-themed coloring pages. While coloring, each kid was given a paper birthday hat and a couple plastic toys to play with. Once the coloring was more or less finished, each kid did get a frozen yogurt cup and the opportunity to stuff it full of assorted flavors topped with fruit, candy and syrups.

After the kids had a bit of sugar in them, they came back to our party area and they used fabric markers to color their very own Menchie’s tshirt which each kid took home. I thought this was the ‘icing on the cake’, the extra activity that really made the party a success.

With the Menchie’s take home tshirts, I already thought the party was going very well, when Menchie, the mascot, showed up to the party. The kids had a blast high-fiving Menchie and showing the mascot the tshirt that they colored. The kids took pictures with Menchie until he/she had to go back to the freezer box. A party couldn’t be complete without an ice cream cake and singing of Happy Birthday so we had even more sweets.

At the end of the party, in addition to the take home tshirts, each child received a Menchie’s goody bag filled with Angry Bird Movie stickers and paper, Menchie’s pencils and stickers and a couple fun plastic toys. I spoke to the parent host a week later and told her how fun the party was. The parent told me that the party venue booking only cost around $150 plus the cost of the ice cream cake. I thought this was completely budget-friendly, considering most 2 hour venues in SoCal cost upwards of $350 before Add-ons. A frozen yogurt or is a great summer birthday party idea and it’s something you can also set up in your own backyard.





As a working mom of twins, I look out for activities that are easy, quick and budget friendly with a creative flare. Likes to eat the frosting first!