Kickstarter Campaign for a Joker Birthday Card


05 Apr 2015

Do you find those birthday cards that play a song annoying? What if the music just kept going and didn’t stop? That is exactly what the intent of this Kickstarter campaign is – a prank birthday card that plays music nonstop until you break it or the battery dies. This funny campaign was launched by two brothers, Travis and Nick Peterson, on March 31, 2015. Astonishingly the campaign reached its $7,500 goal in just 4 days! The campaign will run until the end of April and I bet it will be overfunded by quite a bit from the looks of the early on success.

How Does It Work?

The card is delivered to you in a “Safe mode”, where you can start and stop the song as much as you want. After signing the card with a sweet message, you pull the activation tab inside the card and place the card in the envelope for delivery.

It Keeps Going!

Do you believe this card can go more than 3 hours? This video shows an early prototype of the card playing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” for almost 5 hours! Now that is one boring and annoying video!

Hard To Break

Watch this shorter video (less than 2 minutes) as the Joker Birthday Card is submerged in a bucket of water to see if it still plays music.

Extra Annoying

Watch what happens if the card recipient tries to stop the card by pushing the Press Music button. In the card’s typical irritating fashion, the music will get a little louder with each of four presses.

Ultimately the card recipient will likely try to rip up the card, hammer it to death, or just abandon it in the car overnight.

So…Whose birthday is coming up first after the July project delivery date?!





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