Life Lessons from Mom

Life Lessons from Mom
08 May 2016

My mother taught me a lot about life, both personally and professionally. I always knew my mother was special, but I didn’t fully understand all that she had taught me until after she passed away. I sat down and really thought about what made my mom so special and what traits I try to emulate. On this Mother’s Day, I want to share these thoughts with you below.

1. Keep It Simple

My mom had simple tastes and lived life with few extravagant possessions. She kept the house clean and free of clutter. She had a way of making things less complicated. This seemed to make life less stressful for both her and myself.
I try to apply this idea to all areas of my life.
In work, if I have too many ideas bouncing around in my head, I try to go in too many directions and the lack of simplicity and focus hurts my work product.
In life, if I plan too many activities I get stretched thin and become worn out. Instead I simplify to one or two kids activities per season.
Even with birthday party planning, it helps to focus on the main party aspects and not try to have too many activities, decoration colors nor dessert choices. Simplify and tie the party together with a common theme or color scheme.

2. Keep It Fun

My mother not only kept things simple but she also was very silly and had a unique sense of humor. I realize that when I am not having fun, I start to lose the passion to continue working on projects. Fun should be a key part of anybody’s routine, whether at work or at home. You really have to plan and set aside some time for play on a periodic basis for it to happen.

3. Make Each Person Feel Special

I have 3 siblings, all close in age. My mother had an amazing ability to make each of us kids feel special. This was especially evident on our birthdays. My mother would cook our favorite meal or go to our favorite restaurant. The day was thoughtfully planned around each kid’s personal likes. With Counting Candles, I realize how important birthdays are for kids and really at any age. I try to make my 6yo twins feel extra special on their birthdays and every day. At work, I keep the customer/the reader/the user, in mind and think of their needs and wants. By focusing on the customer’s needs first and not completely on the product, the desired result and therefore the product will be much more successful.

My mom passed away when I was pregnant with my twins and unfortunately my twins never got to meet their grandmother. My mother has inspired me and taught me so much about life, work and the treatment of people. I try to keep her memory alive by living the way she lived and remembering her lessons.
I hope you find these words of wisdom as helpful, in all aspects of your life, as I do.

Tell us in the Comments, what life lessons did you learn from your mom?

Happy Mother’s Day!





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