Make Your New Years Eve Party Pop

Make Your New Years Eve Party Pop
31 Dec 2015

Are you looking to plan an elegant and memorable New Year’s Eve party, but are too exhausted to do a ton of planning? I understand your pain point, so I have to put together a couple tips for decorations and activities which don’t take a lot of time or money to plan.

Silver and Gold Decor

Set the tone for your elegant party by including lots of shiny gold and silver decorations. A box of tin foil can go a long way. Wrap various card board shapes such as stars or line the walls with long strips. Silver and gold wrapping paper is an alternative to tin foil, which comes in interesting geometric patterns. Use the fancy wrapping paper to cut out the numbers of the year. Recycle holiday ornaments in the silver and gold colors for an extra festive touch.

balloons are simple to create and will literally provide the POP you are looking for. Use transparent or clear white balloons and fill them with colored or shiny scraps of paper before you blow the balloons up. When the clock strikes midnight, its time to pop the balloons.


Upon arrival let each guest choose or make their own glass label. This serves two purposes. First as a practical measure, markers prevent guests from mixing up their drinking glasses. Secondly, interesting glass labels make great ice breakers for guests to start up conversations. Put out a bowl of the most unique and different glass markers such as suction cup charms, napkin holders for the base of a wine glass, stickers, and ribbons. For those risk-takers just set out the materials for them to make their own glass markers.


Like the party glass markers, DIY party hats serve as another fun activity that gets people talking and mingling. Set out various colors of cone hats and guests can glue on ribbons, puffy stickers, pompoms, confetti and any of the leftover glass marker materials. Take it a step further and turn the hat-making into a contest where guests vote for Funniest, Most Bling, and Most Creative.

With these tips, your guest will have a blast because they will feel like a big part of the party and most likely they will have made new friendships and bonds.

From Counting Candles, I hope your Countdown Party Pops!





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