Must Have Party Tips For The Guests

Must Have Party Tips For The Guests
25 Jan 2016

As a recent Host for my kids’ , I discovered several tips that would be immensely helpful for guests to any party.

1. RSVP at least a week before the deadline

I say a week prior to the deadline because I know as the host, that is the point where I started to panic that not enough people would RSVP yes. If need be I would still have some time to invite more people. I also worried about the headcount deadline for the venue.

2. If you replied Yes, then show up to the party

I have heard so many stories lately where the whole class is invited to a party, 10 reply that they will attend and nobody shows up. The disappointment to both the child and the parent planning the party is unimaginable. I know that I have had that fear – first that nobody will reply Yes and then secondly that those who did reply don’t show up. So PLEASE Please if you RSVP’d Yes, do mark your calendar and make all efforts to attend.

3. Bring a Gift

This may seem either obvious to you or sound pushy, but the truth is the birthday child looks forward to opening the pile of presents after the party. Sure the kid may not miss the one present not given. However the other reason for gift giving is to acknowledge the hard work the parent put into planning the event. Don’t get me wrong though – I am not saying that a large amount needs to be spent on a gift nor any money at all. It is perfectly fine to make a present. The thought really is what counts.

4. Dress Appropriately

There are so many different types of kids birthday parties out there. Make sure you pay attention to the venue and dress requirements. Does the venue require socks? a bathing suit and change of clothes? Will you be outdoors the whole time? Will you be painting or doing a messy craft? Come prepared for the party and environment but also expect the unexpected and bring a full change of clothes.

5. Honor Party Invite Requests and Rules

To be a good Guest, one must follow the rules on the invitation. If the host took the time to list any requirements, then it is a big deal to the Host. If the Host says No Siblings, then don’t go ask the Host if he/she can make an exception. It puts the Host in an awkward spot if others after you ask for the same exception. If the party says No Dropoffs, you must stay at the party and watch your child. You get the idea…Party planning is tough enough for the Host, don’t add any unnecessary stress.

Follow these handful of Guest Tips and not only will you make the Host’s job a lot easier but you will also find that Party Going is a lot more Fun!





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