ONE-derful to be 1!

ONE-derful to be 1!
30 Mar 2015

A is always super special as it is the start of new traditions and memories. But what exactly does a one year old do on their big day? Hosts Rachel and Robert share their daughter’s “ONE-derful To Be 1” party activities with us.

Free Play

A one year old birthday party must include some free play. This is the time for the guest of honor to sit on the floor and be the center of attention or just relax and observe her surroundings. The one year old can do whatever makes her happy because she rules the roost at this party.

She is now one!

First Birthday Fun

Pose for Pictures

First Birthday Pose

Of course there will be lots of picture taking happening at a one year old’s birthday. Isn’t that why you picked out that ultra cute outfit for the party?! Alot of pictures will be candid and unplanned. However expect to snap some planned pictures too where your birthday child can strike a pose.

It really is Wonderful to be One!


Jumping and bouncing are popular activities at this age. Alot of one year olds are just learning to walk so they find the thought of using those little legs exhilarating. An added bonus of the bouncers strapped from the ceiling – the child remains in one area and out of trouble. Jumpers become giggle inducing machines.

First Birthday Fun

Bubbles, Bubbles, & More Bubbles

A first birthday party would not be complete without bubbles! And we mean large quantities of bubbles. Young tots love the magical quality of bubbles. For the kids, the party is now a fantasy land where transparent spheres softly wander through the air. Playing a game of capture these elusive bubbles becomes a passion. It is fun to watch the kids experience the joy of popping a bubble and sometimes the frustration of the ones that got away.
Mostly though, the kiddos just laugh and stare in awe of the bubbles.

Let them eat Cake!

The grand finale of the party is the cake. In this case, there were not one, but two cakes! One made of vanilla cake and vanilla frosting, and another cake made of rainbow colored ice cream with cones adorning the edges. One cake was supposed to be for the adults and I can’t tell you which that would be. Blowing out the candle(s) would work for an older child, but at one year of age, reaching for the cake and snapping a cool memory will work just fine. Now let them eat cake!

Rainbow ice cream birthday cake
First Birthday Cake





As a working mom of twins, I look out for activities that are easy, quick and budget friendly with a creative flare. Likes to eat the frosting first!