Pampered Pooch: Pet Birthdays


14 Mar 2015

Many of us see their pets as a part the family, hosting birthday parties for your pet are becoming more and more popular. Celebrate his genuine birthday or the day of his appropriation, all while having a tail-wagging great time.

Pooch birthday gatherings are about imagination. So first, pick a theme. Is your valuable poodle the princess of your gang? You could hail Her Royal Barkness with a gathering fit a Princess, complete with princess-themed ornamentation and doggy-size tiaras. Alternately is your pup a rascally privateer? You could arrange a Pawrite Pawty for your canine matey.

Once you’ve decided on a fun and creative theme, begin to build the guest list. You can either invite other dogs or only the human friends and family of the birthday pup. If you decide to invite other dogs, make sure that they’re not strangers to each other to eliminate potential skirmishes. It’s usually not a good idea to introduce dogs to each other at a party; you’ll want to avoid overstimulation and the potential for competition between dogs. Neighbors’ dogs, obedience school classmates or family members’ dogs would be good invitees.

Make sure that there’s adequate human supervision at your dog party. The last thing you’ll want are dozens of dogs running amok without friendly humans to keep an eye on them. If you’re worried about canine conflict at the party, just invite the birthday dog and his human friends. He’s sure to love being the center of attention.

After you’ve chosen a theme and a guest list, decide on a location for your shindig and select the supplies. Your backyard or a local dog park would make suitable venues for a dog party. If you have a party in your backyard, make sure your fence and gates are secure so that all dogs in attendance will be safe while they’re celebrating.

At your dog’s birthday venue, you’ll want to make sure that there are plenty of water bowls throughout the location. It’s important that all of the dogs have access to water, especially if your gathering is during the summer.

You’ll also need toys and games to keep your dogs occupied. These can be as simple as Frisbees and balls to play games of fetch, or be more elaborate. If there are several dogs in attendance, you could have a best dog trick contest. Or let your canine guests play a game of Bobbing for Biscuits, a spin on the popular Bobbing for Apples party game. Dogs can dive into a bucket of water to retrieve a tasty snack. Another option is to have the dogs and their humans participate in a matching-costume contest with prizes for the winners.

For food, the dogs will be happy with some dog treats, a small amount of kibble or perhaps just a piece of doggy birthday cake . Some pet owners may feed their dogs before the party, and you don’t want the animals to overeat. The human guests will get a kick out of dog-themed appetizers such as mini-hot dogs or chicken salad sandwiches cut into bone shapes with a cookie cutter.

Just like you’d do at a children’s birthday party, you can give out goody bags for your guests to take home. Place edible dog treats in the goody bags of your furry friends, and give human guests dog-themed favors such as bone-shaped treats, puppy stickers or even a photo of your dog. Last but not least, don’t forget your camera. You’ll want to capture memories of your dog’s birthday celebration.





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