Party Planning Like A Boss

Party Planning Like A Boss
15 Oct 2015

With Boss’s Day coming up on Friday, October 16th, I have given some thought to what makes a boss great and how one can apply these traits to effective party planning.

Set Goals

A Boss is a leader who has a clear and strategic vision for the team. For your party, you need to decide what the goal of the party is. To invite the most people? To have the most elaborate Pinterest-perfect decorations? For the guests to have the most fun? Your Party Goal will dictate the rest of the party planning.


A Boss is held accountable for spending so he/she knows that creating a budget is essential. But not only does a good Boss make a reasonable budget which incudes contingencies, but a good Boss also sticks to that budget.


Most Bosses don’t have the time to do all the work themselves so they delegate pieces out to various teams. A good Boss knows how to dish out the work and oversee the results to ensure quality. There is no reason why you can’t take this same mantra with close friends and family. Assign one person to order the cake, another person to compile the goody bags, and another to coordinate the entertainment.


If you are going to party-plan like a Boss, then you need to treat your ’employees’ well also. Show all your helpers that you appreciate them. A token of appreciation can be large or small, but most importantly it should be something personal and genuine. Let each helper take home a table flower centerpiece or candy bar serving dish. Surprise the helpers with something special in their goody bag, along with a handwritten note.

Have Fun

A good Boss knows how to motivate employees to perform at their best. A superior Boss makes the ‘work’ aspect of party planning fun and light-hearted while still accomplishing the goal. Instead of everyone going home and doing their piece of the planning alone, invite the helpers over for appetizers to do their work in the same room, whether it be making calls or creating a goody bag. The best Boss knows that once the party day arrives, all the hard work has been done, and he/she knows how to let loose and enjoy the party itself and make sure all the guests are interacting and having a blast.

Happy Boss’s Day! Enjoy your party like a Boss!





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