Quick Tips to Make Party Cleanup a Snap

Quick Tips to Make Party Cleanup a Snap
24 Apr 2015

I love throwing a good party, and I have always said that the true sign of a good party is a giant mess. That means everyone truly enjoyed themselves. But what can you do to make this clean up effort less painful?

1. Start with a clean slate

This may seem odd but think of it like cleaning before the cleaning lady arrives. If you start off clean, it will be easier to get back to this starting state.

2. Place large trash bins in strategic spots

If you leave a trash bin near the door to exit the kitchen, people have to pass by the bin and will feel obligated to throw their trash away. Don’t place a trash can all the way across the yard to “get it out of the way”. It may be too far out and no will use it.

3. Empty trash cans frequently during the party

Nobody likes to play the balancing game where you try to balance your dirty plate on the heap of trash and hope that nobody sees that you were the one that causes the pile to topple.

4. Offer extras to guests

If you have extra goody bags, offer the younger siblings of the guest to take a goody bag home. Or even if the sibling is not at the party, offer the guest to take one home for the sibling. Give extra chips or cupcakes to relatives or close friends to take home. You probably don’t have enough room in your fridge anyway for the cold items.

5. Clean up soon after the party ends

If some close guests stay for hours after the party, engage them to help with the cleanup. Even if you are the only one doing most of the cleanup, the longer you wait then the more sticky food is harder to remove, and the less motivation you have.

When all the guests are long gone and your place is back to spotless, you will let out a big sigh of relief.





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