Resolutions Success – No Fail Tips

Resolutions Success – No Fail Tips
04 Jan 2016

I know how hard it is to keep your . I am guilty as others of making resolutions that are probably unrealistic to start with. Once you make solid, attainable goals, whether it be related to losing weight or saving money, these tips will increase your chances of success.

1. Write It Down

When tasks are written either on paper or electronically, you are more likely to do them. You can easily track progress towards your goal. If you find that you are not on schedule, then you can clearly see where the obstacles are. There is also a psychological benefit because you feel obligated to complete the task when written.

2. Smaller SubGoals

By breaking your main goal down, say ‘Lose 20 Pounds’, into smaller goals of ‘Lose a Half Pound Per Week’, your goal becomes not only more manageable but less overwhelming. It also feels less like a failure if you miss one small subgoal instead of the giant overall goal in the end.

3. Gather Information

By researching the best way to achieve your goal, you are arming yourself with the best weapons to fight your personal battle. Say you want to quit smoking, then the best research you can do is to gather information on both the negative effects of smoking on the body and the positive impacts of not smoking. This knowledge will provide you with motivation to succeed. Gather data on the success rates of various ways to stop smoking. This will help make an informed choice of the method to use and also make you feel confident about accomplishing your goal.

4. Be Part of a Group

When others have the same goals as you, draw on the group for support, fun and motivation. It’s more fun to work out in a group than alone. Save money by exercising outside with friends rather than joining a gym. If your goal is to eat healthier foods, make meals together with a group of friends. This will also save you money by not making lots of small portions. When you feel you have hit a wall, let the group pick you back up.

5. Gamify your Goal

Turn your task into a light-hearted competition with friends. Make sure the rewards are not expensive but instead evoke an emotional feeling of accomplishment. There are plenty of apps out there that turn goals into a game, either against yourself, friends or strangers. With my new Fitbit, I can participate within the app in Challenges against my Friends or earn Badges for reaching certain milestones. Gamifying your goal keeps the task exciting while providing motivation to succeed.

By using even only two or three of these tips, you increase your chances of succeeding at your New Years Resolution. With a bit of help on support, fun and motivation, you CAN achieve your GOALS!





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