Superhero and Princess Party: The Best Day Ever!

15 Dec 2014

My twins recently turned FIVE and I wanted them to enjoy every moment of their special day.
The big day started out with them waking up to a surprise assortment of balloons (pink and blue shiny star shaped helium balloons, Batman, and a huge number five balloon)! This set the tone for a grand Superhero and birthday celebration.
Superhero and Princess Party - Balloons

I knew my kids wanted a superhero and princess themed party and finding the right venue suitable for a boy and a girl was tough. Diva Girlz and Adventure Boyz in Tarzana, CA turned out to be a great choice with sufficient activities to keep everyone entertained for a full 2+ hours.

The décor comprised of a pink and blue color palette, from the balloons to the tablecloth and place settings. To add a superhero flair the themed goodybags were placed on a long table with tall comic book looking buildings as the backsplash.
Superhero and Princess Party - Decor

When guests arrived they were greeted by the party hostesses and given the option to stay in the costume they arrived in or pick from the large selection of superhero and princess outfits.
Superhero and Princess Party - Costume Selection
The Birthday Boy quickly chose Flash Lightning and the Birthday Girl, after a couple wardrobe changes, decided on a beautiful shimmering pink princess gown.
Superhero and Princess Party

The party activities picked up quickly with temporary tattoos, hair spiking, coloring, and mask face paint for the boys; makeup, hair, body glitter and nails for the girls.
Superhero and Princess Party - Getting Dolled Up

Games and activities included a station for making bead bracelets and necklaces, an air hockey machine and a fooseball game.
Superhero and Princess Party - Game Time

Once the kids were all dressed up and had played some games, they ate pizza and lemonade before more fun began.
The best part was the music and dance on Diva Girlz and Adventure Boyz’ center stage, where the hostesses organized a show. Each guest got to pop out from behind the curtains and pose for the cheering crowd. Some kids dashed quickly across the stage while others basked in all the attention. Next the girls sang several Frozen songs with the help of the karaoke screen, followed by the boys dancing to the beats. These kids have some serious dance moves!
Superhero and Princess Party - Music Time

The kids really enjoyed the freeze dance contest, the group picture with scary face poses and parading and squirming under the limbo bar to the music. Everyone laughed as the adults were asked to limbo under the boa as well.

Instead of cake we opted for blue and pink cupcakes with and princess toppers. Because cupcakes were not enough sweets (yeah right), I splurged on a sundae bar where the kids selected the toppings. We sang Happy Birthday and my twins were beaming from ear to ear.
Superhero and Princess Party - Cupcakes and Sundae Bar

Slowly the kids began to leave with their themed goody bags that I had filled with notepads, light up rings, bouncy balls, stickers, temp tattoos and all kinds of Batman, Spiderman, Avengers and Frozen trinkets. Several children were crying because they didn’t want to leave the party.

The validation of all my party planning efforts came when my son shouted on the microphone to the crowd: “Thank you Mommy and Daddy for this party! This is the BEST DAY EVER!”

Thank you Diva Girlz and Adventure Boyz for making my kids’ birthday party so easy and phenomenally fun!





As a working mom of twins, I look out for activities that are easy, quick and budget friendly with a creative flare. Likes to eat the frosting first!