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The 5 Emotions of Kids Birthday Party Planning

The 5 Emotions of Kids Birthday Party Planning
14 Mar 2015

Whether you are a mom, dad, aunt or even an experienced party planner, there are certain emotions that everyone passes through to some degree, in planning a kids birthday party.


When you first decide to throw a kids birthday party, there is a sudden feeling of overwhelming unanswered questions. Where do I have the party? at a venue or my house? How many people do I invite? Do I have to invite the whole class? Do I need to serve food to the adults? What will the theme be? What type of entertainment should I have? How much should I spend?


Once you have made a couple key decisions, suddenly you feel inspired. You are on Pinterest daily, discovering new ideas for party favors, cakes, games and exploring the possibilities of cool party themes. You are in serious Collector mode. Everything looks amazing and you believe you can do all the DIY that you have pinned.


Once you have sifted through all your inspirations and further narrowed down your options to a specific party theme and color scheme, it’s Go Time! You start running around buying party supplies and trinkets to fill the favor bags. You hop from store to store in hopes of finding a good deal. Next you attack your home DIY projects by stocking up on glue, paper, ribbons and all things shiny.

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It’s only a week before the party and you realize you may be running out of time. Not all the guests have RSVP’d. You haven’t found that one main item in the favor bag that you really had your mind set on. Your DIY project is only half way complete. Your forgot to get the cake candles and you are wondering what else you may have missed.

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Ahh the party is now over. Yeah there were some meltdowns but nobody lost a limb. The kids overall seemed to have fun and the parents and kids all left. Sure the place is still a giant mess, but hey the party is over and you can breath! The party is in the past, leaving good memories and lots of photos behind. Time to move forward to the next big celebration!

Do you have these same feelings when you plan a party? Which emotion is most intense for you?

I am hear to say with experience and planning resources, party planning actually does get easier!

Counting Candles Tips

To combat some of the more difficult phases, create and stick to a party planning timeline to keep yourself moving. Use a budgeting tool to make sure you don’t exceed your financial constraints. Pick one area that you will splurge on, and just plan for it.

And always remember to have fun – it is a party that you are planning after all!





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