Throwing Your Grandparent a Birthday Party to Remember

Throwing Your Grandparent a Birthday Party to Remember
03 Mar 2019

Guest Post by Katlyn Jarman, a freelance writer who spent over a decade working in event organization and management.

Grandparents are a national treasure in America. The Census Bureau reports that their numbers have grown to over 69.5 million. For many seniors, the thing that gives their lives most significance, is time spent with family – something to be remembered and cherished when their next birthday rolls around. If your beloved gramps is about to celebrate a milestone birthday, how can you ensure that it is particularly special, not just for them, but for everyone who loves them more than words can say?

Building the Ambience

Whether you are having a garden party at home or you are catering your event, acing the décor is key if you want to really please your loved one. Think about the styles and themes they like. If they love music, why not throw a 1950s boogie party, or host a Beatles-themed event? If film is their thing, why not ask everyone to come dressed as a famed hero from a classic film? In addition to getting your disguises right, ambience is important. Add a touch of emotion with beautiful long-stemmed candles (a tip from Counting Candles), make a playlist and ensure there are many songs that will make people feel like dancing, and decorate tables with theme-inspired photographs and decorations.

Planning Evening Highlights

A grandparent’s birthday is always important, so members of the family should have the opportunity to let their grandparents know that they are valued. Younger members of the family may want to perform a song or dance number, while older grandparents and children may simply want to read a poem, share a story or memory, or make a short video presentation with pictures celebrating the celebrant’s major life events. Many of these speeches will probably bring a little tear to your eyes, so capture all the emotion with a video. Make sure to use a camcorder with far-reaching audio capabilities, so that music and speeches can be reproduced without a hitch after the event. A photo booth with cute signs and disguises will also be well appreciated by guests and the celebrant, since family members of all ages are likely to be well connected on social media.

Remember the Small Details

Ensure that everything from the cake to the flowers reflect your grandparent’s tastes. If they love vanilla, make sure that there is more than one vanilla flavored treat on the table. If they are passionate about good wine, serve a fragrant, full-bodied red along with their meal. The cake should be personalized as well, indicating their name and bearing a decoration that would be to their liking. Try to find a talented cake maker who can build a beautiful fondant cake, decorated with your grandparent’s favorite flower, or bearing figures that represent your grandparent and their colorful personality.

If your grandparent has a birthday coming up, go all out and make it a truly special one. This can easily be achieved by theming the party and by including a homage to your grandparent – through performances and artwork or video collages representing the rich and meaningful life of your grandparent and their importance to your family. Ensure that there are plenty of photographs and a good video recording so that everyone in attendance can recall the highlights, laughs, and emotions. Without a doubt, there will be plenty of all this on your grandparent’s big night.





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