Top 2019 Birthday Trends

2017 Birthday Trends
11 Jan 2019

Yes, 2019 is here already! And with this new year, brings more ideas. Although it is early, here is what we are seeing so far.

Latest Movie Themes

The latest movies in theaters generate a lot of buzz so it makes sense that kids would want their birthday party to be based on these hit movies. Past movie hits include Star Wars, Blank Panther, and Wonder Woman. The Trolls Movie was so full of bright and fun colors that it’s easy to see why this would be a top pick of any child for a party theme. Some of the most repinned items on our Counting Candles Pinterest page have to do with Trolls themed cakes, cupcakes and party favors. This year we expect more sequels to revive prior years’ interest, remakes of classic stories, and lots of super heroes. A few upcoming 2019 movie releases that will make great birthday party themes include: Toy Story 4, The Lego Movie 2, Captain Marvel, Dumbo, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, two X-Men movies (Yes, it’s true!), and Star Wars: Episode IX.

Hashtag My Birthday

Social Media is a huge part of life in 2019. We will see lots of birthday party themes involving iPhones, tweets, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and lots of hashtagging.
#HappyBirthday #HBD #Celebrate #CountingCandles #9isFine #8isGreat #7isHeaven #WonderfulToBeOne

Selfies, Photobooths and Photobombs

Along with the Social Media craze comes lots of picture-taking. The more perfect the pic, the more chance of lots of likes, hearts, retweets and viral posts. In order to capture the perfect pic, you must provide the right props. Selfie sticks, masks, wigs, sunglasses, signs, and a colorful backdrop are a must.

Unique and Never Seen Before Themes

Party themes are typically around a popular movie, character, or a certain activity. More and more we hear about a unique party theme that a kid demanded and a parent was able to pull it off in stellar fashion. The reason these are so successful is that the parent really listened to what the child enjoys even if it wasn’t something that one would expect. Think of the viral CVS Pharmacy themed party or the party held at Target. If there is an item or place that your child is fascinated with, take a leap and make that the center theme of your party.

Extra Large Balloon Letters and Numbers

Last year it was common for children to see a large numbered balloon for their age. This year the trend continues but with a twist. No longer do people have just one large balloon. You will see bunches of giant balloons to spell out the birthday child’s name or their favorite expression. You may also see more extravagant tassels or confetti inside clear balloons. The more balloons the merrier! Go big and glam it up!


Emojis surprisingly have continued to gain in popularity despite making their breakout debut a couple years ago. Maybe it is the attention that the new batches of emojis get each year or just purely the quick way of conveying your feelings in this digital age. Whatever the reason for this continued popularity, it is good news for those that choose Emoji themed parties. There will be no shortage of party supplies and decorations and there is always a new and exciting batch of emojis to be released.





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