Why You Blew The Birthday Party Budget

Why You Blew The Birthday Party Budget
06 Aug 2015

Hosting a kids birthday party may at first seem like a fairly simple thing to do. But once you start the actual planning, you realize there are lots of little things that must be taken care of. Luckily we have listed some of the common pitfalls of kids which may cause you to blow the birthday party budget.

1. Emotions Take Over

Like myself, you may be the most logical person in the world and made the perfect birthday party budget. You get to the store and all your sense goes out the window. What is one more hanging lantern? I can fit one more bouncy ball in the goody bag…

2. All Those Add-Ons

You planned for the cost of the venue but maybe you shouldn’t have gone for all the offered extras. Most of the extras are either unnecessary nice to haves or they are things you can do cheaper yourself. These items might seem like a good idea…until you add them all up and your budget is shot. You don’t need the extra 30 minutes of playtime, the extra face painter, nor the sundae bar when you already have cake. Stick to the basic package.

3. Not Planning Ahead To Get The Best Deals

Sometimes if you book a venue far out, you can get a discount by putting down a small deposit. With more advance timing, you are bound to run across sales in the weeks leading up the party. Some basic party goods go on sale throughout the year so why not stock up and keep a birthday party box full of on-sale white paper plates, utensils, napkins and more essentials.

4. You Invited Too Many People

Did more people RSVP yest than you expected? Make sure you can afford it if every single invited person (and then some) comes to the party. Some venues charge costly per head fees for every person over what the basic package includes. In addition each extra person must be fed just like those people included in the basic package.

5. You Didn’t Account For Taxes And Tips

In some states, tax is 9-10%, which is fairly high and can add up. Venues frequently tack on, or at a minimum expect, a 15% tip for parties over a certain headcount.

6. You Didn’t Leave Room For Emergencies And Unexpected Events

It is almost guaranteed that something WILL go wrong at the party. Maybe the pizza guy forgets 2 pizzas or by mistake you leave all the decorations at home. There are likely to be items that you have to suck it up and purchase from the venue at an inflated price or items that you need to run next door to the supermarket and buy, even though you already spent that money once. Be sure to include a contingency bucket in your budget.

7. The Budget Was Too Large To Begin With

Were your party plans a bit grander than your income? You have to spend within your means and in order to do that, you need to have a realistic budget bound by your affordable spending limits. If you start with a budget that is ridiculously large, then you have set yourself up for failure right from the start.

With lots of proper planning and advance notice, it will be no problem at all to stay within your realistic birthday party budget. Other suggestions to keep costs down include making use of DIY decorations, and party favors and asking friends and family to pitch in.

What other tips do you suggest for ways to not blow the birthday party budget?





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