Unexpected Perks Of Attending Kids Birthday Parties

Unexpected Perks Of Attending Kids Birthday Parties
29 Sep 2016

Sometimes I hear other parents complaining about going to another . I actually get excited when my kids get an invitation. There are way more perks than annoyances of attending kids birthday parties.

Weekend Plans
I am not the best at planning playdates. Maybe its because I find it awkward hanging out for 2-3 hours with another parent that I barely know. At kids birthday parties, I now have instant weekend plans and the kids also don’t get stuck playing with just one kid. There are lots of kids to spend as little or alot of time with.

Getting To Know Other Parents
Kids birthday parties provide the perfect opportunity to chat with other parents without all the pressure. In talking with other parents, I can better determine who I want to plan later playdates with (or more specifically which parent I prefer to hang out with during that playdate).

Free Entertainment
How great is it that someone else is paying to entertain my kids? I don’t have to pay for a class or pay an hourly fee to use a kids playroom. Love it!

Venue Shopping
I went to 4 or 5 kids birthday parties this summer and it was great! I got the chance to browse the different venues and figure out where I should hold my twins’ upcoming fall . Each year, after attending numerous birthday parties, it becomes clear which venue is the “trending venue” for that age group.

Goody Bags
My kids always look forward to the goody bags at the end of the party. It reminds me of when my kids were younger. It was quite obvious that the only reason they played in a soccer game was to see what was in the snack bags at the end of the game!

New Activities
By going to birthday parties, my kids have experienced all kinds of interesting activities that they wouldn’t normally do. The fun has ranged from laser tag, animal feeding and hay rides, creating their own soap, rock climbing, and more. And since birthdays are one time events, I am not stuck going to 8 weeks of the same activity if my kids don’t like it.

Being a Kid Again
Yes, even the adults can relax and join in the fun under the guise of “helping” their child through the activity. Parents are free to act as silly as desired without fear of being judged. Heck, it’s even encouraged for parents to act like kids to get their kids into the party spirit.

Cake and Ice cream
It’s not every day that someone is walking around offering your a big plate of sweets! Enough said!

Learning Social Skills
Kids birthday parties are like school. It’s another chance for your child to practice social skills in instances where they are not the center of attention. Kids learn to appreciate and celebrate others. And birthday parties are much more fun than school!

Making a Mess Without the Cleanup
Your kids get to run around, have fun and make a mess and at the end of the party, you all just leave. You don’t even have to stick around to wipe the counters and sweep the floor!

Cute Photo Opportunities
Believe it or not, the pictures I take on my cell phone of my twins at birthday parties are some of the best pics I have ever taken. The kids are laughing and smiling ear to ear, they are usually a little more dressed up than normal, and the background is full of brightly colored balloons and decorations. Sometimes there is a cool looking photo backdrop or dessert table. You may even capture some pics worthy of holiday card greatness if you are lucky!





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