What Happens When Dad Can’t Find a Girl Superhero Outfit for a Birthday Party

What Happens When Dad Can’t Find a Girl Superhero Outfit for a Birthday Party
16 Jul 2015

One super Dad, Mike Long, was really excited when his 6 yo daughter got invited to a superhero-themed birthday party. Since they had been reading Marvel comic books at bedtime, Dad (aka Captain Milkshake) searched for the perfect outfit of Ms. Marvel for his daughter. Not only could Captain Milkshake not find Ms. Marvel, but the backup plans were limited – the choices were either girly pink or touted as ‘sexy’ costumes, not really appropriate for a 6 yo.

So what happens next? Captain Milkshake created his own dress in the traditional primary colors – blue, yellow and red. And guess what?! The dress came out great and his daughter loved it!

Captain Milkshake then wrote an open letter to the Internet and “to those guys who work at and for ”, regarding the lack of girl superhero outfits. Captain Milkshake writes the letter as a plea:

to make merch more girl inclusive. Ms. Marvel is an incredible concept who empowers a multi-cultural demographic and to be honest, this needs to be pushed harder!!!

Captain Milkshake - Yours in hope for more girl superhero merchandise

Captain Milkshake, you are right – there does need to be more strong female-geared superhero costumes and I am glad you brought attention to this issue. I hope Marvel and others hear your call! And yes, I am in love with the outfit you created also!

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