What To Know Before Booking A Party Venue

What To Know Before Booking A Party Venue
04 May 2016

Before you book your , be sure to ask the following questions and get written answers before signing up. I had to learn the hard way with some of these items when a surprise showed up on the final bill.

What is the base price for the venue booking?

What does the base price include?

What is the max number of children included in the base fee?

Is the birthday child included in the base fee headcount?

Is there an additional charge if the party is for more than one child?

Is there a charge for adults?

What is the fee per additional child over the base fee child count?

Is there a charge for babies under a certain age (1)?

What is the max capacity of the venue?

How long is the party booked for?

How early can I show up to set up?

What food is included in the venue fee?

Do you have food options for those with allergies or special diets?

What is the cost of purchasing additional food?

Which foods and how much food can I bring myself?

Is there a service fee for bringing outside food?

Will you provide plates, utensils?

What drinks are included?

Do I need separate food for the adults?

Is tax and tip included in the base venue fee?

Is a tip expected for the party helpers?

What is the required deposit amount?

What are acceptable forms of payment?

What is the cancellation policy?

What is the booking change policy?

Where is guest parking?

Will the venue be booked as a single private party?

What time does the next party arrive?

What is the dress policy?

Are socks required?

Are guests required to fill out any waivers prior to the party?

Do you provide paper or electronic invitations?

How much before the party is the final headcount required?

When is the final fee due?

How many party hosts will there be?

What activities will the party hosts be doing?

How long will each activity last?

Does the restroom contain a changing station

When will the meal be served?

When will cake be served?

Do you allow outside decorations to be brought in?

Are goody bags included in the base fee?

What are the contents of the venue-provided goody bags?

Can I add a couple items to the venue-provided good bags?

Are the good bags all the same?

What party add-ons are available and what are the costs?

Do you allow outside entertainment in the venue?

Are there any specials going on now?

Is there a required venue membership fee prior to the party booking?

Will the venue have a spot for guests to place gifts?

Does the birthday child receive a special gift from the venue?

Does the venue provide a photo taking option?

Are the photos taken by the venue posted online?

Are the online photos secure?

How long will the online photos be available after the event?

Don’t feel bad about asking so many questions of the venue. You want the party to go off without a hitch and you want to make sure you select the best venue for your needs and budget. There are so many party location choices these days, so it makes sense to gather several key factors to use in comparing venues.

Good Luck in your venue search! Let us know in the Comments if you have found a particularly great venue.





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