When is Cheryl’s birthday? A math problem stumps the world

When is Cheryl’s birthday? A math problem stumps the world
15 Apr 2015

A TV host in Singapore recently posted to his Facebook page the following math problem for 14 year olds competing in the Singapore and Asean Schools Math Olympiads (SASMO). Cheryl gives Albert and Bernard 10 choices for her birthday, along with a hint for each of the two kids.

The debate over determining the date of Cheryl’s birthday has caused quite a stir worldwide.


The discussion has gone viral with people expressing frustration with solving the problem. Others have blamed Cheryl for causing the problem in the first place and not just telling the two kids when her birthday is.

The Solution

After much fun and frustration with this problem, here is the official solution. Did you get it right?

Kennethjianwen – Photos from Kennethjianwen’s post | Facebook

Cheryl’s Birthday Party

I guess now that we know the date of Cheryl’s birthday, how big will the party be?! And more importantly, will Cheryl invite Albert and Bernard?





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