Why We Love Birthdays (And You Should Too!)

Happy Birthday
08 Jul 2015

We love birthdays and You should too!

1. Birthday anticipation builds with time

Let’s face it – 365 days is a long time to wait for the next birthday!

2. The Most Facebook Posts You Will Receive in One Day

Think about it – this is likely the one day per year, where more than 50 people will write on your Facebook timeline with birthday wishes. Friendships are rekindled. Connections are stirred up.

3. Lots of Birthday Freebies and Discounts

How many rewards clubs and email lists have you joined just to get the freebies and discount coupons on your birthday?

4. With Age Comes Wisdom

As each year passes, you have more experiences under your belt to learn from. Your next decision will be easier and better.

5. It Is Your Day to Eat Cake, Guilt-Free!

Save the eating right for any other day of the year. Your birthday is a license to eat whatever you want – and enjoy it!

We love birthdays for so many reasons – feeling special, the hugs and well wishes, cake, presents, handritten notes, homemade artwork, getting to sleep late, going to your favorite restaurant, colorful balloons, planning a party with friends, and more!

What is your favorite thing about your birthday?





As a working mom of twins, I look out for activities that are easy, quick and budget friendly with a creative flare. Likes to eat the frosting first!